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 Moderator Guide

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PostSubject: Moderator Guide   Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:03 pm

Moderator Guide:
This is a guide if you're wanting to apply for Moderator, or you're a Moderator and you need help.

What does a Moderator do?:
A moderator patrols the server. They just don't do that but also make sure no players violate server rules. They ban griefers, hackers, advertisers and so on.

How to rollback a grief?:
1. Do /co i
2. Left/Right click around the area.
3. Do /co rollback playername r: t:

-playername: The person who GRIEFED the build.

-r: This is how far you want to bring back a build, I usually recommend 50 if it's a regular grief. For bigger griefs, go higher a bit.

-t: The time when that player griefed, it'll show when you did /co i.
*Sometimes the time might say: 0.752/h something like that, instead you just do 752h.
*Remember to ban the griefer when you finished rolling back the grief!

Commands to banning a player:

Advertiser: /advertiser Playername

Hacker: /hacker Playername

Griefer: /griefer Playername

Abusing: /abuser Playername

*NOTE: You don't need to put a message, once you just enter the right command it'll automatically type the message and stuff.

I.P Banning and how to unban players:

1. Do /seen playername
2. Do /ipban ip-of-player

1. /unban playername

Trial-Moderator Commands:
/mute playername-This mutes players, do this if they are using bad language or talking inappropriately, or sharing inappropriate media or sharing media.

/jail playername -This puts a player in jail and makes them serve there time for wrong doing. Do this is they did something minor that doesn't deserve a ban like being unfair to someone.

/seen -This lets you find the I.P and the time when a player was last on. Use this to help you I.P ban players, or see when they were last on.

//wand -This lets you get the World Edit Tool.

*Some commands are banning commands as mentioned above.
*Not all commands are listed and will be added if seen forgotten.

Moderator Commands:
*All commands from Trial-Moderator.
/f bypass -To bypass Factions, build, edit and claim over factions.

*Some commands are banning commands as mentioned above.
*Not all commands are listed and will be added if seen forgotten.

And that completes the guide for now, Good luck!

*Not all information is listed, and if seen forgotten it will be added later.
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Moderator Guide
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