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 Aaron1220 youtuber aplication

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PostSubject: Aaron1220 youtuber aplication    Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:11 pm

Your in-game name:Aaron1220
Have you read all the info of this rank?:yes i have
Video link[]:
What is the reason for you wanting to become a YouTuber?: Youtube is really fun i really have fun on youtube and hanging out with the fans
I agree to all terms: [Put a "✓" between the two brackets].
[ ✓] I have at least 50 views, 3 likes, and 5 subscribers.
[✓ ] I simply explain the plugins and such in the server.
[✓ ] My video has annotations/subtitles and music.
[ ✓] My video is not copied from someone else.

YouTuber Information

- The video has to be edited with music, subtitles, basically anything that makes the video look good.
- The video MUST be a YouTube video or else it will be denied instantly.
- You CANNOT copy the video from someone or else there will be a consequence.
- The video needs to show at least 2 plugins, if not the video will surely be denied.
- The video CANNOT just be of still images, if there are a few still images but there are videos to it then it is okay.
- To get YouTuber you need at least 50 views or more.
- You also MUST have at least 5 or more subscribers to the channel.
- The video MUST have 3 likes or more.

*Be sure to add this information in the description!

Server Name: MineBlox

IP: mineblox(dot)zapto(dot)org [REPLACE (DOT) WITH A PERIOD]

Server Forum:

Owner: Shahblox

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PostSubject: Re: Aaron1220 youtuber aplication    Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:22 pm

Please follow the Youtube application format and provide links to the server showcase video. Format link
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Aaron1220 youtuber aplication
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